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Bible Study Resources

codex sinaiticus
Article: Which versions of the Bible work well today?

Listen to God’s Word

YouVersion online or app

Reading Plans

YouVersion Bible App
Book-at-a-time Reading Plan
Various plans with daily reading reminders

Video Overviews of Bible Books and Themes

The Bible Project

How to Study the Bible Resources

Blue Letter Bible Online
How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth book by Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart
How to Read the Bible Book by Book book by Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart

New Testament Resources

An Introduction to the New Testament book by D.A. Carson, Douglas Moo
New Testament Timeline chart
Jesus’ Arrest, Death, Resurrection in the Four Gospels chart

Old Testament Resources

Genesis and Evolution article
Dating the Exodus articles
What do we do with the Old Testament today? post with articles
An Introduction to the Old Testament: Second Edition book by Tremper Longman, Raymond Dillard
Old Testament Timeline chart
History of Salvation in the Old Testament article

The Reliability of the Bible

Who decided which books were included in the Bible? article
Why were the ‘lost gospels’ not included in the Bible? article
What about the apocrypha? article
Jesus and the Gnostic gospels article
How the Canon of the New Testament Came to Be book excerpt
Answers from Bible Scholars videos
Further reading: Journey from Texts to Translations, The New Testament Documents: Are They Reliable?

Biblical Perspectives on Various Topics

Reasons to Believe
Seminars at Biblicaltraining.org
The Ehrman Project – videos


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