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India Church Updates

Open Table Church has supported Joshua Shanmugham, an Indian bible teacher and church planter, since December 2013.

October/November 2016

india-nov-2016Greetings in Jesus name. We are so glad to update you about what God is doing in and through us. Firstly, we want to thank you for all your prayers and financial support. Your generosity enables us to stretch ourselves in ministry. Of course it is God who works in and through us. We thank God for your generous gifts. Here is our update.

Teaching Ministry: I taught last month in DTS Lonavla, on the topic of “the work of the Holy Spirit. There were 35 students and 10 staffs. I had a ministry time, praying for the students to be filled with the Holy Spirit. God filled them with the Holy Spirit and some spoke in tongues. The students were from various church backgrounds. They had a lot of misunderstanding regarding the person and the work of the Holy Spirit. At the end of the week many testified how God helped them to understand and gave them hunger to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit. They were blessed. Praise God. I taught also last month in DTS Indore on the same topic: the work of the Holy Spirit. There was a powerful move of the Holy Spirit. There were about 30 students. Many for the first time received the baptism in the Holy Spirit during the ministry time. There were some prophecies and visions. These students were from village and Hindu background. I thank God for the wonderful things He did among them.

Bible Study: We have our regular bible study ministry on Wednesdays. This bible study group is growing. God is doing wonderful work in their lives. We have recently one more couple joined the bible study. I’m asking God to open the doors for two more bible studies. I believe only through the bible study we can bring people to the saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Church (Grace Worship Center): Our church ministry hasn’t been doing well quite sometime. There has been some delays. We don’t know the answers. We do believe firmly that God wanted us to start a church. Sometime few people come, and sometime nobody comes. We don’t want to loose heart. God will bring people in due season , as we continue to seek Him, and continue the work He has called us to do.

September 2016


Hope you’re all doing well.  I just got back from my teaching trip to Lonavla.  I taught in Worship DTS (Discipleship Training School – Youth with a Mission), on the subject “the work of the Holy Spirit”.  They’ve 34 students. It was a powerful time. God filled students with His Spirit, some spoke in tongues. I was encouraged to see God move. I’ll be teaching the same topic in Indore (MP) DTS this month end.  I’ll be teaching the book of Romans in SBS (School of Biblical Studies) in Nov.  I just want to thank you for all your prayers and financial supports.  I’ve sent the DTS picture herewith.  Our bible-study fellowship on every Wednesday is going well.  Here people attend from different churches.


March 2016

Dear OTC, Hope you’re all doing well. I want to thank you for all your prayers and financial support. Now I get lots of teaching invitations in DTSes [Discipleship Training Schools – YWAM] across India. We’ve also started a weekly bible study through the Aurangabad church. This is going well now. I’ve sent some pictures of my teaching of Bible Overview in Lonavla DTS. I visited the Bible Project videos you referred  for Bible overview materials. It’s quite good, very simple, with lots of pictures which I can also adapt and use in my teachings. Blessings, JoshuaGS

January 2016

Greetings and blessings to you all on this blessed new year 2016.  I want to say thank you for all your prayers and the financial support.  I’ll be teaching the book of Revelation.  This would be my fifth time teaching the book.  Since last month almost every day I’m giving about 5 hours, pouring into this book.  I’m going through the text again and again, and going through all the books and commentaries that I could get on Revelation.  I’ve learned so much so far which I couldn’t see before.  Also I’m more aware of the weird teaching and interpretations  of the book in our day.  Like I said before I’d be helping to pioneer the core course (BCC) in Shillong.  I’ll be there two weeks in May teaching 1 week Revelation and 2nd week Teaching the Principles for effective Teaching and Preaching.  Next month I’ll be teaching Bible Overview in DTS in Lonavla.  BTPS prep is underway, which is scheduled to run in July.  Planning to resume the Bible Study for the local church believers here by next month.  Thank you once again.  Blessings, Joshua.

December 2015

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November 2015

Thank you for the money. Your support helps us greatly in our life and ministry. I’m able travel to teach the Word as there is a great need for it in India. Its a joy to see lives are being changed. Its a Diwali season here, everywhere crackers noise. Next week I’ll be teaching 1 Corinthians in SBS in Lonavala. Well, thank you once again for all prayers & support.

Joshua preaching

Joshua preaching audience

October 2015

Yesterday was a long day and an exciting day as well.  I spoke in a one day youth seminar arranged by YWAM church. I spoke in the 3 sessions back to back and it went on for 6 hours.  75 youths plus a few married couples attended the meeting.  The Lord moved so powerfully.  About 40 youths accepted Christ.  It was a great opportunity for me to teach the gospel.  God is doing great things among villages in India.  On the other hand it is really a big challenge to reach out the people who live in the cities here.  Village people are very simple, and they don’t have busy life or too many distractions like the city people do.

At the moment I’m preparing 1 Corinthians which I’d be teaching in SBS in Lonavla in November.  Thank you again for your prayers and financial support.


December 2014

God has opened one more place for a bible study.  A Christian family has invited us to conduct a bible study in their house on every Friday.   Some new people would also attend the bible study.  Here only through bible study we can get people into the church.  I had been praying for almost a year that God would open the door for a bible study in some place.  I believe this is an answer.  I want to be able to run a bible study three times in a week in three different places.  Right now I have two bible studies one in my house on Saturday and another one in this new place on Fridays.  Praise God.  Now I’m praying for one more place.  Through these bible studies we can share gospel with people then get them into the church.

We are getting some new people on Sundays.  They are hindus and Buddhists.  They come because they say they like the sermon.  But I believe God is getting their attention through the ministry of the Word.  Also I believe gradually they would give their lives to Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support, Joshua

November 2014

I just want to thank you for all your prayers and financial support. Now our church is one year old. Last Sunday we completed one year. We didn’t celebrate rate but just prayed. We just have one family who is committed to the church, comes regularly, and attends the bible study also. We also have some college students who are not Christians–Hindu from the higher caste. They said they are coming because they like the messages and prayers. We’re believing and praying that they would commit their lives to the Lord. There are also some advocates and occasional attenders–some are Hindus and Buddhists.

I taught last week in a mini DTS in Jalna District. It is a new district 2 hrs drive from Aur’d. There’s no ywam work so far so they are pioneering a new work there. I thank God that I’m being part of that as a pastor. I’m also involved with mentoring some ywam leaders to help them to discover their God given ministry, vision. Some have started new ministries in different locations in Maharashtra as a result. Thanks for all your help. Blessings, JoshuaGS

June 2014

Hope you’re all doing well.  On 12th of this month I’m speaking in Youth Seminar here in Aurangabad organized by a local church.  There would be 100+ youth.  The topic is “preparing for marriage”.  This subject is hardly taught or preached in any churches here.

Last Monday (26th May) I met with an accident.  A bike hit me and I fell on the road.  That bicke didn’t even stop to see what happened to me.  I was on the road, he just left.  For a second I didn’t know what happened to me.  When I got back to myself I knew I was badly hurt on the left elbow.  The skin was torn, so I had 10 stitches.  Now I am much better, though there is some pain.  Just keep us in your prayers especially my teaching in the seminar.  Thanks a lot. -Joshua

May 2014

Joshua has been teaching in different bible schools and churches as well as doing the work of church planting. The church’s growth is very slow but their weekly bible study is up from 3 to 12 people. He expressed thanks for the continued prayers and financial support from OTC. He also asked us to pray for India as their incoming prime minister Modi has a history of supporting Hindu Nationalists who oppose Christianity. It could be a difficult season for our brothers and sisters in India.

Joshua and Wayne taught together in India at Youth With A Mission’s School of Biblical Studies.

December 2013

Grace Worship Center Opens
Where: Aurangabad, pop 1.2 mil and one of the world’s fastest growing cities
1. Help people in this primarily Hindu and Muslim city know and follow Jesus
2. Equip believers to make disciples and help the marginalized
3. Provide practical help to strengthen marriages and families
4. Reach students and professionals through English language training
5. Improve lives through counseling and education (AIDS, addictions, and domestic violence)

More Information

Thank you for praying for Joshua, his family, and the work God is doing through them. Please let us know if you have any questions: info@opentablechurch.org

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